Free Online Financial Calculators Part 1

In todays world, many things are simplifies by the internet and the mobile devices, from accessing news, entertainment, weather information to paying bills and even managing day to day activities. For people who are interested in learning how to manage their own money through budgeting, there are a number of resources available which can help us to understand with the help of these devices and the internet.

Free Calculators –

Debt Calculator

Worth Calculator

Loan Repayment Calculator

Fixed and Variable Mortgages

At the same time the calculation is extremally painful and its takes lots of time either we are looking for loan repayments or any other calculations. There are many free websites are available which can help us to remediate these problems.

Today we are gonna talk about few free calculators which we can use-

1. Debt Calculator (Planning)

One question always comes in our mind that when will I be from the debt? and to simplify the answer we can use the debt calculator. It is designed to gives answer we are looking for. Debt calculator is only looking for the debt balance, the interest rate and the payment which you can make monthly, it will analyze and provide the timeline for your freedom from the debt.


2. Worth Calculator

Worth calculator will help you analyze your financial situation by determining your net worth in terms of assets and obligations. Its very hard to reach to a goal without knowing the truth about our own finances.

Worth calculator not only calculates your current net worth, but it also breaks it down into pie charts and bar graphs by assets and liabilities.


3. Loan Repayment Calculator

This loan payment calculator will easily help you figure out what your monthly loan payments will be. If you plan to borrow money in the near future, this calculator can be incredibly useful. Loan Repayment calculator is designed to be used for fixed-rate loans such as auto loans or fixed-rate mortgages.

To start, you must provide figures for the loan amount, loan period, and interest rate.


4. Fixed and Variable Mortgages

This calculator will show you fixed-rate mortgages versus adjustable-rate mortgages to help you decide which is best for you side by side. The tools assists in making a suggestion by guiding you through a series of pertinent questions regarding your future intentions.

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